Session 2
better late than never

As the concrete zombie horde pours through the front lines we discover that they are in no way alone; accompanying our squishy foes as Stirges that are not quite right…and a ranger named Expee, the sole survivor of a group of advance guards. In the midst of the struggle to light the fire perimeter Captain Rule was grievously injured by a stirge (that seemed to have pumped her full of icky goo).
Fire lit, monsters slain, we set off again for Westmarch to find Percy the priest of Pelor. That night as we rested what sounded like a worg made a visit to the camp, and something left a dagger and note (“You aren’t treating ma boy right”) in Dawn’s bedroll (something she reveals later to the party in general). Once in the town of Westmarch we find that Percy is not here, but has gone ‘on pilgrimage’ to Icewind Dale. An examination of his room reveals that Percy seems to have left in quite a bit of a hurry. About that time goo starts falling from the sky. Recognizing this as the goo that has featured so prominently in our lived of late, we recommend that everybody get out of town…which turned out to be silly advice as there were force-fields surrounding the town on all sides. Well not all sides really, as the top was left open. After a bit of a struggle we succeeded in getting Thimble over the wall. As the rest of us attempted to get out with anything like the grace that he showed, Thimble ran to the nearest rune stick and pulled it out of the ground. A magical repercussion turned Thimble into a gnome projectile that slammed into the cultists who had be guarding the stake from outside threats (clearly not expecting a goo covered gnome rouge to get them from behind…the posers).
Crisis averted, cultists slain, we return to camp to report all that we had seen. Unfortunately nobody at camp seemed to want to talk to us. A post-battle Captain Rule had pegged the whole problem on our sorry heads (many of us suspect that the goo she got dosed with caused her altered mental state). We were able to talk the legion out of bringing us in right then, but were left with no choice by to find Pilgrim Percy the priest of Pelor ourselves in the vast region of Icewind Dale.
Luckily we travel with a dog/wolf type being, and finding Percy was not all that difficult…what did prove difficult was that he was surrounded by a mammoth horde of concrete zombies. Percy was aglow as he blasted zombie after zombie, but made no real dent in the horde. Just before getting killed Percy explained that he had a special relationship with the light (or probably The Light) and that if we wanted to be of help to the world we should seek out Master Orga. With no sparkly priest to hold their focus the zombie horde turned their goo on us.

Session 1

Outside of the little Sword Coast town of Triboar the remnants of the Last Legion have set up camp. The plan is to head towards Waterdeep picking up supplies and recruits along the way. Teams were sent from the legion to get supplies in Triboar, but they have failed to return in a timely manner.
The legion is left with little option but to send out a team to fetch the laggards back (the leftovers of the leftovers, SIR!). Our little band of misfit toys was sent out by Dundy, an officer of the legion.

As we approached the town…there was no town to approach. In Triboar’s place there was a stony mass about 100’ high and covering the whole village. As we came close to a corner of the town we saw a staff (wooden and covered in indecipherable runes) stuck into the ground. We unstuck it and stuck it into the thing that was covering the town. As we traveled along the edge we encountered Farmer Tim who told us that all had been well when he had left town two days ago. Rather than running away (as had been suggested to him), Tim instead became engulfed by the mass.

And it was at about that time that 5 humanoid bits of the mass came after us. We fought a decent fight …though perhaps the legion should be looking for fewer human recruits and more canid ones. Two of our number were thrust into the wall but we recovered with a fire attack to the surface. When the battle was finished we had no time to celebrate as the was disgorged many creatures of the type that we had just worked so hard to defeat. Knowing that this was a job for more…legion-y numbers. We calmly returned to camp (screaming our little heads off).

Upon returning to the camp, we had the opportunity to be doubted by many people, but eventually to tell out story to the high brass herself, Captain Rule. She allows us to meet Radu, a pathetic cult/terrorist cell member who agreed to place the rune sticks around the town. Radu confessed to everything he knew including that his cell leader’s name is Elgrim, that they serve “the dark one”, that his organization plans to try this on Waterdeep, and that the only one who can maybe stop it is Percy a priest of Pelor who is thought to be in Westmarch. People who left Radu to spill the beans are likely trying to kill the alliterative cleric so that their plan may continue unimpeded.

Just as we wrung the last useful bits out of Radu, the bloblings that we had outrun caught up to the outside of camp.

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