Our adventure will be set in the Sword Coast of the Forgotten Realms. However you arrived at this point, you are a relatively new recruit of the legendary Lost Legion – a small army of mercenaries (about 3,000 at its largest) devoted to fighting monsters and other threats to civilization. In addition to having a fighting force to tackle large numbers of foes, the Legion also sends out smaller teams to handle more delicate tasks an army could not, like espionage, assassination, and sabotage. It is in this latter respect that you will likely be deployed.

The Legion gets new recruits in several different ways. It started its life as a way to let criminals repay their debts to society, and continues this tradition to this day. However, once in the Legion, all previous sins are forgiven – a new recruit is considered a Legionnaire and a Legionnaire only. The Legion, however, will take anyone willing to serve, and when their ranks are decreased, will sometimes send attractive-looking members armed with shiny weapons and glorious tales to recruit from nearby population centers. Having suffered a crushing defeat several months ago at the hands of orcs plaguing the mountains to the north, the Legion is currently licking its wounds and trying to regain its strength. As such, you are nearing the town of Triboar, and headed south toward Waterdeep – a large city full of scum, villainy, and fresh blood for the ranks.

The Legion’s commanding officer, Captain Rule, has ordered camp to be made several miles outside town and sent several teams to town to collect various supplies and/or recruit. This is where our story begins.


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